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Name: Theresa

Age: 18 and 11 months

Location: Cleveland

Why You're Hot/Cool: I've been told I'm 'intimidating', 'amazing', 'incredible', 'awesome', 'scene'(ouch)...really I'm just Theresa, and that's pretty hot in my book.

One place you would like to travel and why: Hungary, my family's from Hungary and I've never been there. Or back to Key West because I'm an ocean whore.

Describe your room: If by room you mean the glorified closet off of my kitchen...there's a lot of random crap hanging off the walls, but no posters, and a lot of clothes on the floor. My office-type room, where my computer is, is covered in paintings, drawings, posters, ticket stubs, stickers, little wooden people I found in my basement, and other useless paraphenalia.

Who's your favorite person and why: Frank zappa is the first person that comes to mind because he was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and had a beautiful mind. Secondto him, me, because I make a mean PB+J..

Okay, so you're walking down the street and you see a walking talking meatball, what is your first reaction?: Holy shit, it's Meatwad! ....Am I tripping..?

Favorite Band/Artist(s): Fugazi, Melt Banana, Lobster Clause and Caligula and Cadence and Redshift and Of the innocent...Cleveland Represent, Heh...The Pixies, The Jealous Sound, Frank Zappa, Mission of Burma, All of Ben Gibbard's Projects, Sonic Youth, about 39574587 more.

Do you watch The N?: By the N do you mean the news? Not usually, it's hard to find reporters who are objective and don't missconstrue the truth. If you don't mean the news, then I don't kno what you mean, so I guess my answer would have to be no.

My pictures...are awful. Until the Christmas elves fashion me a digicam, these will have to do!

Chuck E Cheese photobooth


Fun with Lumber (intended to give you night terrors...)
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im a little offended by the fact that you have no idea what the N is
but i like your third picture becuase it makes me happy

im torn...
ill go with YES
Hooly crap, Donnie Darko=immediate yes.

I like your meatball answer too.

the news?!
ha good one.

but yes.
Yeah yeah yeah, I'm an ass...but thanks!
you listen to the jealous sound... of course you get a yes... though you don't know what the n is... but yes
Thanks! I missed them when they came to Cleveland a few months ago and am still pissed about it, heh.
yes i liked your answers
Thankyew sir!
i know everyone has already said something about this, but the thing with the N...yeah.

i guess i'll give you yes...you're answers weren't really that hottt though, but ill still give you a yes because they were pretty good.
Heh, thankyew!
I just googled "The N", haha. Are we talking that Nickelodeon spinoff station? Honestly, if you couldn't tell by now, I don't watch TV except for at work.
Yep, You seem like one cool kid
yes I like all your answers, and The N is fine. I watch it only when i can because I dont get it on my tv, but i do at my best friends house.
Thanks! I don't get the N at my house either, now that I know what it is, hah.
...my mind!

Ha, I had you there for a second.

I've been had! You definately had me there, hehe. Thanksthanksthanksthanks!
of course!
i make a pretty mean PB&J myself.
snapfish doesn't work..

but you're accepted.