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Name: Adrienne Rothenberg

Age: 15


Why You're Hot/Cool: Well, LOOK at me. I obviously just reek of hottness and coolness.

One place you would like to travel and why: I've always wanted to go to Alaska, because it is so beautiful and is full of wildlife.

Describe your room: Chipped light blue, with lots of posters with dogs and a couple bands and LOTR and lots of stuff I like. There's my nice big comfy bed and my bedside table which my mom painted dogs on for me when I was 10, a desk with a non-functioning computer and printer with lots of silly things. I've an awesome big TV which I inherited from my grandfather when he died. And my dresser. And a dark blue rug, but you can't really tell what color it is exactly because its covered in whiteish dog hair.

Who's your favorite person and why: My favourite person would have to be Josh Klienman from my acting class, because he is so friggen gangster it hurts. But deep down he's just a little sad Jewish boy who loves his girlfriend.

Okay, so you're walking down the street and you see a walking talking meatball, what is your first reaction?: Well, though I'm not really 'in' on this joke but I am CONSTANTLY around it, my first reaction would be to investigate if it was Sophia.

Favorite Band/Artist(s): at the drive-in, glassjaw, blood brothers, explosions in the sky, death cab for cutie, q and not u, postal service, ben gibbard, the mars volta, coldplay, foo fighters, queens of the stone age, sayanything

Do you watch The N?: Unfortunately not, because I do not have digital cable. But I DID watch Degrassi once at Nick's house and it was really fuckin' intesnse. I got really into it.


Yeah I posted the same ones on some other community like, yesterday, but shhh...don't tell. I'm being the usual lazy self!

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