Kaylee (sorryiluvu2much) wrote in we_are_cooler,

what? did you say hott shit?


Name: K to the lee

Age: 15

Location: huntington beach, california

Why You're Hot/Cool:i dont know about the "hott" part but  i am quite fun to hang around with if i do say so myself. I love to party and just goof off, i don't think im ever serious, hmm im just hmm what do they call it...cool?

One place you would like to travel and why: Europe, for the drinking age and the sights. i think it would be soo much fun to see everything there during the day and just party it up with friends at night!

Describe your room: hmm i have my strokes poster my bed my desk and computer, my tv and dvd player my BUDA and a cool neon blue clock

Who's your favorite person and why: my mom, shes my best friend in the world. i can tell her absolutely anything, even stuff i cant tell a lot of my friends weird eh?

Okay, so you're walking down the street and you see a walking talking meatball, what is your first reaction?: 1.. ask it if it likes being a walking talking meatball, then probably take a fork and eat it.
Favorite Band/Artist(s): northstar, the strokes, copeland, the beautiful mistake, the postal service, the cure, the used and a ton more

Do you watch The N?: nah sorry


thanks! xoxo

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