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We Are Hot AND Cool

You wish you were us

We Are Hot Shit
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Alright, so i'm sure you're thinking "not ANOTHER rating community"
well folks sorry to dissapoint you, but this is another rating community..
only this community..


you know why?
because we rate you on both coolness and looks.
come on.. you can't have one without the other now can you?

to join this community you don't have to be SUPER HOT such as people on the_exalted but you should be nice to look at and such.

alright so onto the "application thingy"

guess what? it's not 50 pages long like all those other communities.





Why You're Hot/Cool:

One place you would like to travel and why:

Describe your room:

Who's your favorite person and why:

Okay, so you're walking down the street and you see a walking talking meatball, what is your first reaction?:

Favorite Band/Artist(s):

Do you watch The N?:


and that's the end of that.

so it's easy, fast, and you don't havae to spend hours at your computer filling out things such as.. what's your stance on pollitical issues and blah blah fucking blah.
everyone has different opinions, so we don't care.

Okay, so after we see your application we will vote on whether we think you are cool are not.

Then you will get various stamps that i will find on the spot or.. just have used before.

So you know the rules..
don't post an entry until you have recieved a stamp. if you didn't recieve a stamp you can email me.
don't comment without a stamp unless it's your own entry.
don't complain about spelling mistakes. someone might spell something wrong. it will be okay i promise.
although if someone spells something like "goal" or "matter" wrong you can call them out.
also if you write things such as "OmG iM SooOOooOO CoooLLL lIkE tHe mALl"
we will kill you/ban you.. whichever seems more suitable.
oh and..
please use a LJ cut
thanks :)

alright so those are the rules.
have fun with it.
were not here to really judge who you are as a person, it's just for fun, so don't sweat it if you get rejected.

donteverworry and x_marksthespot are the moderators.

we are really cool.
you wish you could be us.