lauren (soldoutstarr) wrote in we_are_cooler,

Name: Laurren

Age: 14.

Location: Annapolis, Maryland

Why You're Hot/Cool: Well, someone on GJ told me to come join this, but I guess I'm cool because I'm easy going. Not too sure about the hot thing, haha.

One place you would like to travel and why: I'd really like to go to Euroupe, because I've been up and down the east coast and midwest for shows, and it'd be interesting to see what shows are like there, too.

Describe your room: Kinda messy, posters all over the walls, alot of pictures, comfortable, small, colorful?

Who's your favorite person and why: Oh man. I really can't pick one person, because I've met so many amazing people. I guess... my friend Jess, because we're like the same person and she's always fun to be around and can make me laugh even when I'm having a bad day.

Okay, so you're walking down the street and you see a walking talking meatball, what is your first reaction?: Where's the spagetthi?

Favorite Band/Artist(s): Boys Night Out, Fall Out Boy, Saosin, Spitalfield, Glassjaw, Acceptance, The Postal Service, Matchbook Romance

Do you watch The N?: I used to alot because they played Daria on it, but then they stopped and I was too lazy to figure out the new time, so I guess not really anymore.


Ignore the guy with me, haha
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